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Gard 10-MLK Suspension Super Triple Leather Trumpet Bag Black Leather

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SKU : 133739601312 Category : Brass Instrument Accessories

The Gard Super Triple Trumpet Bag is made of high-quality buffalo leather and has padded dividers to safely hold three trumpets thanks to Gard's mid-bag suspension system and the dense, impact-resistance.Mid-bag suspension systemIn ordinary bags, the music instrument rests on the bottom of the bag. If dropped, the protruding parts are likely to be dented. With the mid-bag suspension system, the instrument is suspended in mid-air inside the Gard Gig Bag, allowing the instrument to only have contact with the inside of the gig bag. The bell is fixed on the front with a wooden disc padded with a dense foam cone. With the mid-bag suspension system gig bag, 9 out of 10 times the instrument will survive a drop or an impact unscathed.

Additional Information
Brand Gard
Color Black
Model 10-MLK
Style 1 Black
Style 2 Leather
Type Not Available
UPC 8904131001788