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Latin Percussion LPM200AW Santana Mini Tunable Bongo

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SKU : 185353211724 Category : Folk & World Drums

The LP Music Collection Santana Series represents a collaboration between Carlos Santana and LP - two pioneers who've been making music history for more than 30 years. In 1968, soon after LP began designing quality percussion gear, Carlos Santana skillfully blended sensuous Afro-Cuban rhythms, blues elements, and his own fiery rock guitar, into a magical new sound that electrified fans all over the globe. It was "world music" long before the phrase was coined, and it helped bring traditional Latin percussion instruments into the global spotlight. In his long quest for personal spirituality, Santana has consistently found music to be a life-affirming celebration of the human spirit. He encourages you, too, to "Let The Music Set You Free."™ The LP Music Collection Santana Mini Tunable.

Additional Information
Brand Latin Percussion
Type bongos
UPC 731201562065